Past Lace Lectures

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List of Past Speakers:

Season 4:

Kim Davis: A Virtual Visit to The Lace Museum (19 May 2024)

Ria Cooreman and Frieda Sorber: A Voyage of Discovery through Lacework: Isabella's Bed Cover (21 April 2024)

Idanna Pucci: Cora Slocomb di Brazzà: Breaking Barriers with Gentle Arts and Social Activism (17 Mar 2024)

Dr. Ellen Fernandez-Sacco: El Museo del Mundillo, Sustaining Tradition  (11 Feb 2024)

Stana Frelih: »Laufarji« in Images Made of Lace (21 Jan 2024)

Maggie Hensel-Brown: The Community Lacemaking Project (17 Dec 2023)

Gil Dye: The Archdukes' Coverlet - a 17th Century Puzzle (19 Nov 2023)

Mary Barron: InterLace Oceania (15 Oct 2023)

Sylvie De Coster and Susanna Van Ness: Celebrating Past, Present, and Future of Flax (17 Sept 2023)

Season 3:

Eric Eliason: The Island of Lace: Drawn Threadwork on Saba in the Dutch Caribbean (21 May 2023)

Tarmo Thorström: Lace, Lacing, Laced (16 Apr 2023)

Claude Vuille: The Life of an Auction House Lace Specialist: Or Sharing Little Secrets of Buying and Selling Lace at Auctions (19 Mar 2023)

Gérard Maizou and Kathrin Müller: Oya Lace − From Ottoman Fashion to Global Textile Art (12 Feb 2023)

Anita Jones: A Legacy of Lace: Selections from the Collection of Claribel and Etta Cone (15 Jan 2023)

Evelyn McMillan: War Lace: the story of how fine lacemaking survived in Belgium during World War I (11 Dec 2022)

Grace Gamble: The Origin of Lace - Inspiration and Interpretation (20 Nov 2022)

Carol McFadzean: Mrs. Treadwin: A Legacy of Importance (16 Oct 2022)

Petra Czumalová and Dagmar Beckel-Machyckova: Emilie Paličková and her Successors (18 Sept 2022)

Season 2:

Emma Cormack and Michele Majer: Threads of Power: Lace from the Textilmuseum St. Gallen, Exhibition Preview ( 5 June 2022)

Patricia Miranda: A Repairing Mend: The Lace Archive (15 May 2022)

Cecilia Gunzburger: Civility and Cleanliness: Early Lace for Tables, Beds, and Altars (24 April 2022)

Rosemary Shepherd, Vicki Taylor, and Lindy de Wijn: Spaces Make Lace - The Janice Jones Lace Collection (20 Mar 2022)

Sue-an van der Zijpp & Ad Timmermans: The Lace Collection of the Museum Boijmans van Beuningen (27 Feb 2022)

Ana Andrade: VEREDAS - Lacemaking in Northeastern Brazil (17 Jan 2022)

Elizabeth Kurella: Marian Powys, A Life in Lace (19 Dec 2021)

Victoria Brown: Legacy of Lace Arts Project (21 Nov 2021)

Maeve M. Hogan: Lace from the Helen Louise Allen Textile Collection (17 Oct 2021)

Greet Rome-Verbeylen: Lace Art Today (19 September 2021; with OIDFA-USA)

Season 1:

Femke Speelberg: Early Lace Books and the People who Made Them (23 May 2021)

Carol James: What’s Sprang? And examples of sprang lace from history (18 April 2021) *recording available only until 1 June 2021*)

Veronika Irvine: Repetition: Its aesthetic appeal and application to lace design (21 Mar 2021)

Michael Yonan: Empress Maria Theresa's Lace Dress - A Historical Puzzle (21 Feb 2021)

Kasuni Rathnasuriya: Ceylon Bobbin Lace and KÚR Sustainable Design (24 Jan 2021)

Angharad Rixon: Doily Free Zone: Creating a digital space for contemporary lace (20 Dec 2020)

David Hopkin: "We're the Hunters of Pleasure!" Lacemakers' Feastdays and Holidays (22 Nov 2020)

Norma Owens and Fiona Harrington: The Headford Lace Project and The Space Between (31 Oct 2020)

Dagmar Beckel-Machyckova: Lace Beyond the Pattern (18 Oct 2020)

From UnCon 2020:

Kara Quinteros: Zero-Waste through Bobbin Lace (15 Aug 2020)

Elena Kanagy-Loux: Lace - A Journey (22 Jul 2020)